Punk Dali

In Artist on December 6, 2008 at 4:06 am


Before the antenna mustache

To my surprise yesterday I found this photo of a young Dali (or someone who looked like Dali) in a mohawk haicut while searching for Dali images on Google. Clicking the photo’s link transported me to Mark Vallen’s blog entry on the rare Dali photo. He reported that he found it published in an issue of an obscure punk rock scene, which he unfortunately and regretfully did not buy. Years passed and he developed an obsession and frustration of finding that punk Dali photo until in June 2005 he checked out a a local library, picked out Writers on Artists from the bookshelf and found Dali’s elusive snapshot.

Now my questions are, could the photo really be of Dali? Could it be just a punk prank? Or is it really Dali’s own gag when he was still young since after all he was a punk in his youth? (Although the term punk only emerged in 1970s, the attitude has existed before it. So it’s exactly “In the beginning was the Word…”)

But that mischievous stare is just so Dali…

  1. It’s been years since you posted this picture of young Dali, asking the question of whether or not it’s real. It’s probably been answered or maybe you found out for yourself, but being the neighborly internet peruser I am, I think I’ll lend whatever insight I have. Dali’s father was outraged when Salvador was expelled from school, figuring his son’s last chance at having a reputable position in society was blown. This shook Dali so much that he decided to shave his head in shame. I guess by now you’ve seen the aforementioned Little Ashes, where Rob rob is shown in a scene with a shaved head, in effect answering your question.

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