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In Books on December 7, 2008 at 9:56 am


I got an early Christmas gift from Italy, which my Mama showed me just as I woke up this morning (what a way to start the day huh?). It was a parcel from my new friends Carlo and Paoletta Viale whom I met months ago when they toured the museum. The parcel contained “the little token of appreciation” they promised to send me after I did them a nice favor (as well as a memorable tour). It was all a happy obligation for me because I saw they were such interesting people and a beautiful couple.


Carlo and Paoletta

While they have a home in Turin, Italy and run a textile-selling business there, Carlo and Paoletta love to travel to discover new places, new cultures as well as find interesting textiles wherever they go to buy and bring back to Italy for sale in their shop. They have travelled the whole world together and have been to Asia countless of times and have gone around in Mindanao. They said they love it in Davao.

I thought they’d send me a little keychain or a piece of beautiful Italian cloth. But when I opened the parcel–


I saw this–


The bookwrap which had the  seal of a bookstore named “Libreria L’Angolo Manzoni”

Then this!


A coffeetable book featuring the beautiful sights of Turin, Italy

When I opened the book, I saw and read:


Carlo and Paoletta’s message

If I should write to them now, I would say:

Dearest Carlo and Paoletta,

Thank you very much for the beautiful book. I long to visit your beautiful city and your home.

Someday, I will.

Note: The main photo is of The Bull, Turin’s heraldric symbol.

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