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Mentally flossed

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1126Flossed my brain by visiting My brain feels sharp and funny.

Click on each word in the past two sentences to check out what I’ve read. Click here and here and here and here too.


Bergreen’s Edge

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Smooth sailing read

Smooth sailing read

I am almost halfway Laurence Bergreen’s book “Over the Edge of World”, a historical account of MAGELLAN’S TERRIFYING CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE GLOBE and boy, is it good! It is very well-paced. Bergreen built the context of Magellan’s dangerous journey to a pitch. This book makes up for the many years I have stayed ignorant of Magellan’s importance to world and Philippine history (not just because he was killed by Lapu-Lapu).

More later.

And thanks to Dominic for letting me extend my book loan. 🙂

Bomb + plant =

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The bomb.

I don’t think I can get over this find. Although I’ve already posted this in my Multiply photo gallery (the Curiously Strong album),  I would still bother to post this here. I think this is one of the best recycle projects I’ve seen.

A bomb-tail turned plant pot.

Who would have thought of that?

Only the wittily perverse. (Well, good to know there are several existing in my city.)

Anyway, I caught a glimpse of these unusual plant pots on my ride home to Lasang which immediately struck me as looking like bomb tails. The seemingly bomb-tail plant pot stood inside the main gate of an old house turned office of a known Davao-persona and resort. As my jeep sped by, I vowed I’d return asap to take a closer look and some photos.

So after two days, on my early morning ride to work, I got off the jeep in front of the old house to take a quick inspection of my interesting find and snap some pictures. I found there were two on each side of the pathwalk’s head. And they did look like bomb tails (most likely WW II). When I looked ahead, I found standing in front of the old house, most likely the head of one of the tails. Here’s a photo:

the head

While I have yet to check what WW II bomb model I have found, in the meantime, it is good to know that somebody put an instrument of destruction to good use.

I agree

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Street Art on the Map

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Good news for me and those who love streetart. There’s finally a place where we can find street art all over the world and even post our own finds on the digi map for others to find. The haven is It “is a community google map mashup mapping street art the world over.” I first visited the site two days ago via an ad link in Multiply and  I could say it was one of those seredipitous moments.

I had long wanted to find a site where I could shovel in my idea of mapping the street art in places I’ve been to, especially Davao, my city. Finding street art has always been my passion and whenever I go around places, riding in jeepneys or walking, I make it a point to find notable street art, no matter the size, and take note of their locations so I could get back to them and take their photos  (Sadly, I still don’t have my own camera. But luckily, I got my own sources.)

So far, I have photo documented a handful not just in Davao but also in Cagayan de Oro City, which were the first ones I marked on the streetartlocator map. They were graffiti done by known Manila-based street art group Pilipinas Street Plan. The locations are in the Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures and Backyard, a small bar popular among Kagay-anon youth.

My posts:


The homepage.

You can click and drag your mouse on the map, and zoom in and zoom out by clicking on a spot or scrolling up or down to go places. The gallery below the map shows the recent posts.  The last five posts are mine.


Zoom in on a part of the map.

Shown on the image, is a zoomed on Mindanao showing Cagayan de Oro. The red G-mark means you can find graffiti in that spot. Click on the red-G mark and an info balloon will pop out.


Click on an image in the recent posts gallery and you can see a street art up-close.

So there. My street art mapping begins. I’ll be posting my next moves in street art mapping in my Proyekto blog.

A New Juju

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Good Juju

I’ve exceeded my bandwidth in so I think my Multiply posting-happy self will slow down until I could clean up some space or I could get money to turn my account Pro. Meanwhile, I gotta find other outlets to do my finger and brain exercises and where else must I do them but still in some pieces of Webland.

I’m doing WordPress again!

So I really have to work it this time. ‘It’ meaning ‘blogging’. There are lots and lots and lots of things to write about because I find lots and lots and lots of fascinating things everywhere.

I will be maintaining two blogs from now on. One is this blog, also named “Juju Bag” after my multiply account. It will contain my juju–all things I find fascinating. (Don’t you think the word ‘fascinating’ is fascinating?) The other one will be called “Proyekto” and from the name itself will contain my projects small or big, personal or collaborative.

So welcome to my new Juju Bag and let’s have some fun!